About Us
In 1982, Brenda and Gregory J. Hamer, Sr. created B&G Food Enterprises, LLC when they received a franchise from Taco Bell to operate a restaurant in Morgan City, Louisiana.  Today, B&G operates restaurants in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.  We are the largest Taco Bell Franchisee in Louisiana and maintain our Corporate Headquarters in Morgan City, Louisiana. In 1997, Brenda and Greg received their first KFC franchise.  We acquired our first Long John Silver’s.  Today, B&G is a franchise of Taco Bell, KFC, and  Long John Silver’s.
Brenda and Greg began their partnership as juniors at Morgan City High School, and they have been married since 1967, while Greg was still attending LSU. Brenda is not only the Corporate Secretary of B&G, but she is also the center point of the family.  Nothing delights her more than spending time with her three children and her nine grandchildren. Greg Sr. is the CEO of B&G and was active in the oilfield service industry for over 20 years prior to going full time into B&G. His public service included 12 years in elected office at both the city and parish (county) level; he also served on a public hospital board and 3 boards of the State of Louisiana. His civic activities have been numerous, and his restaurant activities include being Emeritus Director of the National Restaurant Association and a trustee of the NRA Education Foundation.  His long tenure with the Louisiana Restaurant Association has seen him honored as President in 2000, a member of the LRA Hall of Fame, Active Member of the Year and Chapter President of the Year. He is a supporter of several organizations related to Louisiana State University and a rabid Tiger fan. B&G has grown to provide a livelihood for well over 2000 employees, without whom our success could not have been achieved.  Our biggest blessing has been that the success of B&G has enabled all of our children and their spouses to be active in the business which has kept our family close.  B&G is a family business, and we strive every day to treat all of our employees as we would want to be treated.