Taco Bell # 17183 Remodel 6-13-14 Alexandria, La.
Taco Bell # 17183 Remodel 6-13-14 Alexandria, La.
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                   There have been several articles in the news lately about employees suing their employers over pay   issues.  I want to emphasize to everyone that we realize that nothing is more disturbing than not getting paid what  you expected, or receiving it on time.       I want to make sure that all of our employees understand that it is our intention to pay everyone their proper number of  hours and to do so on time.  I also realize that mistakes will happen, sometimes it is the fault of the Restaurant Support Center. More often, it is because an employee did not enter their information properly when they completed their hiring forms.  If a mistake is made, we will try to correct it immediately.   If it is a large mistake, we will issue a new payment; if it is a small  matter, we will ask the employee to allow us to correct it on the next check.  There are some actions that we do not allow to happen at B&G, and it is the duty of every employee to report them if they  occur.   No one is ever allowed to work off of the clock. If an employee is asked to do so by a manager they should call the Restaurant Support Center in Morgan City immediately and report it.  800-412-8226 or HR@bgfood.com   Everyone who works over 40 hours in one week will be paid time a half for all hours over 40.   If that does not  happen, an employee should immediately report it.   Every employee should be paid based on the time they work; every employee should log their time in an out  on the cash registers.  No one else should be able to do that except the individual.   If these items are followed, there should be no problems with an employee receiving their proper pay.   Remember, B&G’s  goal is to ensure that every employee is paid properly and on time.                                                                                                     Greg Hamer Sr 
Taco Bell # 31648  Bluebonnet – Baton Rouge 
Taco Bell # 31263  Telfair – Sugarland, Texas 
Taco Bell # 31713  Franklinton, La. 
Opened  November 02, 2015 
Opened  January 26, 2016 
Opened  March 16, 2016