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Colonel Taco
       I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A MOMENT TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE B&G SUCCESSFUL. While it is not possible to personally thank each of our over 1,700 employees, I want you to know that your efforts  are appreciated.  We can build the buildings, we can purchase advertising to get the customers in the door the first time, but it is the employees of B&G that provide the service to our customers that encourages them to come  back and hopefully increase their visits.  So again on behalf of my wife and I and our family and the entire extended B&G family I want to say THANK YOU.       We try very hard to provide each of our team members with a pleasant work environment which includes among other things competitive pay scales, opportunity for advancement, a clean restaurant, working equipment, safe conditions and last but not lease… a harassment free work place.      While it is fairly easy to check on most of those items such as keeping the restaurant clean, adding cameras and new safes and armored car service for safety and security, and maintaining our buildings and equipment in good condition, harassment is usually not so easy to see.      What makes harassment difficult to control is that the person being harassed has to report it, or else no one will know.  WE DO NOT ALLOW HARRASSMENT OF ANY KIND, RACIAL, RELIGIOUS, GENDER, SEXUAL OR WHATEVER ELSE IS OUT THERE.  We investigate every incident that is reported to us.  While it would be nice, if everyone reported their complaint to their supervisor, the surest way to make sure it is investigated is to report it to our Restaurant Support Center at 985-384-3333 and speak with Jay Leblanc or leave him a message and he will call you back. Our Director of Operations, Area Coaches and Restaurant General Managers know that they are supposed to report every complaint to their supervisor.  If you feel you are being ignored, PLEASE CONTACT THE RSC AND SPEAK TO JAY.      JUST WHAT IS HARRASSMENT…it can be picking on someone, it can be telling off color jokes of a sexual or racial nature, it can be asking someone for a date repeatedly when that person has made it clear they are not interested, it can be personal contact or touching, it can be a lot of things.  A safe way to look at it is if it makes someone uncomfortable, then it might be considered harassment…SO DON’T DO IT. In our company….RELIEF FROM HARRASSMENT IS JUST 10 NUMBERS AWAY….985-384-3333 AND ASK FOR Jay Leblanc. Again I want to thank all of you for the efforts you put forth to make our customers want to return again and again. Gregory J Hamer Sr.
         Profile of a Champion     Shirley Miller, RGM for Taco Bell # 3700 Eunice, Louisiana, has a long and diverse background in foodservice, from owning her own casual dining restaurant, to working for one of our competitors.      We were able to seduce Shirley away from that “Kingly” competitor with B&G’s family atmosphere and down to earth management style.  She took over one of our most troubled stores, one that had consistently been at the bottom of the Balance Score Card.  In fact, the Area Coach had written off many of the employees at this location, but once Shirley came in, she was able to meet one on one with the team, and figure out what made them tick.  To date, she still has many of those same employees.  Shirley took a trouble store, and moved it to one of the top 3 performing stores in the company.  Not only does she run operations, her team is completely involved in operations, from SWS to VOC’s, when they fail, they come together as a team to make it better, not next week, but the next day.  This team does not accept failure.       Thank you Shirley for role modeling what it takes to be a great leader!
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Taco Bell # 3165  Prien Lake, Lake Charles, Louisiana Re-opened  April 18, 2012 Congratulations to Ken Peterson, AC. Tonya Vital, RGM and Crew for a great opening.
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