Davis Mendoza
I was hired by Taco Bell Corporate in 1984, in Houston, TX.  The only thing I knew well at the time was customer service.  The training involved PRO1 through PRO4 training.  I was promoted to restaurant manager in 1985.  My first restaurant was North Shepherd.  I was a district training manager quality assurance manager until 1990, when I left for 2 years, returning in 1992 as a AGM and being promoted to RGM in Galveston, TX.  I came on board with B&G when Mr. Hamer and Andy Wilkerson came to Houston and bought the Texas stores. During my time with B&G, we opened 3 stores and relocated Fuqua. I left as a district manager, leaving the company only to be close to my sons in Corpus Christi, TX, where I continued in the Taco Bell system. I recently came back after an 8 year absence as an Area Support Coach in Lake Charles, LA. 
Davis Mendoza Human Resource Director email:  dmendoza@bgfood.com phone:  985-384-3333 x 139