Happy Birthday to You  ! Happy Birthday to You  ! July Birthdays
Colonel Taco
                     Seems like we wait all year for the summer, then it is here and half gone in a flash.  I hope all                 of you are having some time to enjoy the summer weather.      As you know, our customers are out and about, this is the busiest time of the year for our company and  I want to thank all of you for doing all you can to make each customer visit enjoyable for the customer.      I know that sometimes our customers can really try your patience, but I want to remind everyone that it is much less expensive to try and satisfy the customer than it is to try and address their complaint after we don’t satisfy them on their visit. We need to avoid making comments that a customer may think was addressed to them. We need to avoid talking loud or yelling at another employee since that leads to customer complaints. We need to replace an order when called for with a smile and an apology, even if we think the customer made the mistake.  Don’t ever allow the customer to think we don’t believe them…otherwise we may give them what they want and still get a complaint because they think we did not believe them. This time of the year we need our customers to return frequently…the best way to insure that is to make sure we please them with each visit. Remember how you want to be treated when you go to one of our competitors; let’s make sure we treat our customers better than they do.                                Greg Hamer Sr
Cassandra Harrison & Team New Iberia    I would like to recognize a RGM on my team who is a great leader. Cassandra Harrison has been with B&G for 4 years and leads our busiest store in B & G Diversified Concepts. The store has done over 2 million a year for a while and continues to build higher.      Cassandra and her team consistently run great service times and great hospitality. Cassandra's team leads B&G's CFF scores in 2011 and plans to do the same in 2012.      Cassandra is a great coach and keeps expectations high, which you notice the minute you enter her store. Cassandra has a way of coaching her team and remaining positive. The New Iberia team is an amazing group with some of the friendliest cashiers you will ever meet. Cassandra is one of the most passionate and dedicated managers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She shows so much dedication to her team that they work extra hard to make her proud.      When Cassandra is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her large extended family. She loves to spoil her nieces and nephews.  
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THE SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS At   each   of   our   restaurants,   you   will   hear   repeatedly:   CHAMPS:   Cleanliness,   Hospitality,   Accuracy,   Maintenance,   Product   Quality and   Speed   with   Service.      These   are   the   principles   that   our   brands   were   built   on   and   are   the   standards   for   our   daily   operation.      If   we   can provide our guests with great service, we can keep their loyalty and they will come back. We   want   to   provide   our   guests   with   an   atmosphere   that   is   fun,   casual,   and   comfortable.      Each   of   our   restaurants   has   been   designed with   the   guest   in   mind,   in   order   to   make   our   guests’   stay   a   truly   enjoyable   one.      Great   service   begins   and   ends   with   you----we   want   to have Customer Maniacs working for B&G. Cleanliness:       To   ensure   that   our   guests   have   a   dining   experience   that   is   both   pleasant   and   healthy,   we   constantly   clean   and maintain   the   entire   restaurant   –   the   exterior,   the   dining   area,   the   counter   area,   the   restrooms,   and   the   kitchen.      We   really   never   have   a “spare” moment, because whenever business slows down, we are cleaning. Hospitality:       We   treat   our   customers   as   if   they   were   guests   in   our   own   home.      We   will   go   that   extra   step   to   make   guests   feel welcome.      We   strive   to   provide   good   service   because   it   makes   our   job   more   pleasant   and   also   improves   our   business.      Taco   Bell   and KFC   along   with   the   other   YUM   Brands   spend   millions   of   dollars   each   year   on   advertising,   but   the   attentiveness,   courtesy,   and friendliness you display toward our guests is our most important form of marketing. Product   Quality   and   Accuracy :    Our   menu   items   are   the   product   of   a   great   deal   of   research   and   development,   but   we   rely   on   you to   make   sure   that   every   one   of   our   guests   enjoys   a   hot,   tasty,   and   perfectly   prepared   meal   every   time   they   visit   one   of   our   restaurants.     We   are   famous   for   the   quality   of   our   food,   so   we   will   insist   that   you   follow   specific   food   preparation   procedures   that   are   both   efficient and sanitary. Speed   with   Service :       One   thing   always   to   keep   in   mind   is   that   efficient   guest   service   is   our   number   one   priority.      Everything   we do   is   for   our   guest   because   our   guests   are   our   business.      Guests   come   to   Taco   Bell,   KFC,   and   our   other   brands   expecting   fast   and friendly service, so we expect you to be efficient, attentive, courteous, and respectful at all times.
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, unless you work for B & G Food B & G Incentive Trip May, 2012 to Las Vegas, Nevada
Elvis has left the building
Walk the strip –go sightseeing
Viva Las Vegas
Hope to see you all next trip !!!
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