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                          I have not mentioned the Affordable Health Care Act for some time.  It is known to most people as Obama Care.                    It should be called the Un-affordable Health Care Act, because in 6 months, millions of Americans are going to               realize that it is not free.  This is the act that was passed by Congress without being read by the Democrats in the Senate                         that passed it.  Louisiana Senator Landrieu is trying to run for re-election with it tied around her neck…after all , without her vote,  it would not have passed.      As you know, all of you took a pay cut on January 1 st  of 2013 when you started having 3% of your pay deducted to help pay for the Un-affordable Health Care Act. That was just your first payment on the Free Health Care you thought you were going to get because that is what the President told everyone.  So right now each check is 97% of what it was last year and 3% goes straight to the government. Here is how it is going to affect every American come January 1 st , 2014. Companies are allowed to deduct up to 9 ½ % of every employees’ pay to pay for the Free Health Care in the Un- affordable Health Care Act. So if you make $8.00 an hour…B&G is going to deduct 76 cents to pay for your health care.  So your take home pay before other taxes will drop to $7.24 an hour. If you make $9.00 it will drop to $8.15.  At $10.00 it will drop to $9.05.  I for one cannot figure out how that is free health care.      Now the President said no one will be forced to buy healthcare….and that is correct, each employee can sign a form saying they do not want the Un-affordable Health Care.  And that allows the government to fine you for not taking it.  But the fine is less than $100 if they can work up the courage to go after folks for not buying it….which is a lot less than 9 ½ % of your pay.     I will be explaining more to you about this Un-affordable Health Care law over the next few months.  But I want you to start thinking about what you are going to want to do.  Because the one thing I can tell you for sure is…IT IS NOT GOING TO BE FREE to anyone.  And even if you choose not to buy it, you will still be paying the 3% of your check you are paying now to support this horrible insurance program…that is making cost go up instead of down as we were promised when Senator Landrieu and her friends voted for it without reading it.    Gregory J. Hamer, Sr.
    Carolina Wilkerson started as a shift manager at the Seabrook, TX. store back in 1999. She went on to become the RGM of that restaurant until 2009. She is now the Area Coach for the South Houston market.  Carolina feels that the key to her success has been that she works closely with her people. Many of them struggle with learning English but Carolina demonstrates that through practice and repetition you will become better every day. She lets them know that even though their English may not be perfect they can still be an asset to the company.      It's this type of leadership and passion for seeing others succeed that has made Carolina and inspiration to everyone in B&G.      When she's not running successful operations in Houston, Carolina enjoys spending time with her husband Andy & going to movies. Andy, by the way was the first employee B&G ever had over 30 years ago. They also enjoy spending quality time with their children Alex 9 and Collin 16. Thank you Carolina for all your years of dedication and hard work. You prove every day that dynamite comes in small packages.
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21553 Houma-Trina Robinson, Natasha Billiot, Charles Wilson Jr., Henry Harris III, Norshell Patterson  24768 Laplace- Margueria Ceasar, Joshkeisha Williams, Tamika Lestrick, Beau Davis, Karon Carter, Darius Gray, Brittany Harding, Brielle Hickman  2952 Mall Dr. Alexandria – Jerconohia Miner, Dominick Fells, Arthur Lebrane, Justin Lincecum, Whitney Marks  2619 Natchitoches –Erica Jones 3532 Pineville – Devan Hebert, Michael Miller, Josh Turner, Jessica Brodnax 26732 Houma – Delonte McLean, Brooke White, Dominique Talley  4727 Thibodaux – Donovan Wright, Pankuj Patel, Lorenzo Brown, Dontrell  Ross, Kierry West, Shala Tillman  26003 Marksville–Bailey Diaville  28509 Picayune –Joeneail Clayborne, Sue Vanmatre, Craig Brewer, Rikki Smith, Stephanie Washington, Victoria Martin  15758 LaRose – Latonya Billiot, Travonta Caine, Miguel Julien, Keith Rainey  16865  Bastrop –Deon Givens  17489 Bayou Vista–Charnique Morris 17611 Boutte – Leona Isaac, Derrick Sandolph, Tiffany Celestine, Lucy Young, Dontrell Diggs  22772 Broussard –Miqueria Blackburn, Rita Williams, Sharay Arabie, Earl Dauntain, Jr.  2876 Hwy 171  Lake Charles-Kera  Simmons  2999 Ruth St.,  Sulphur –Lorie Emmons, Tristan Collins, Jacey Broussard, Zakery Pless, Joseph Childers, Sarah  Nevills  3165 Prien Lake,  Lake Charles– Dorothy Carter, Jessica Jackson, Kendrick Vital  3601 Jennings – Brenda Jones, Marjorie Davidson  3700 Eunice –Joel Tate, Tyler Brignac, Katelyn Cormier, Mark Hooker, Mary Granger  16313 Crowley –Jessica Castillo, Beverly Broussard  16951 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles –Taylor Earnshaw, Tammy Forbis, Joshua Viney, Taylor Young  16966 Cities Service, Sulphur –Beverly Hickman, John Machulski  Larry Tomasik, Travis George  18210 Gerstner, Lake Charles-Isaiah Tezeno, Patrice Hunter, Tiffany Williams, Anisha Gallin  26656 Chalmette –Jazmine Hudson, Tamara Mugadza, Holly Streeter, Reneter Watson  2875 Gause  Blvd. Slidell II – Samantha Miranda, Joseph Roberts, Kimberly McCloud, Donovan Tate  16664 Bogalusa- Melody Johnson, Quanesha Woods, Jimell Magee  23902 Abbeville – Roy Harris, Virginia Maze, Dennell Lewis, Keith Thibodeaux   26276 Columbia – Jason Lorio, Kimberly Fairchild  24294 Wiggins – Katherine Todd, Georgia Ladnier, Alexander Mroz  26637 Breaux Bridge – Trey Arceneaux,  Sydnie Pourciaux, Trey Boyd, Latasha Celestine 26916  Baton Rouge –Krystal Moore, Fredrick Wilson 26773 Chef  Menteur  N.O.- Kendall Robertson, Turner Taylor, Cedrica Barras, Ashley Savage  27675 Moss Bluff Brenden Thibodeaux, Paula Deal, Chelsea Jordan, Storm Thomas, Alexis Call, David Tanner, Chablis Stewart  26772 Spanish Trail – Carl Hasney, Tyler Vaughn, Travis Scott  27665 Claiborne – Derriell Ward, Raven Hulbert, Jamar McElwee  2434 Scarsdale Houston  - Vilma Galdamez  26764 Angleton –Ryan Barton  2870 Dickinson – Ryan Pinkerton, Liza Sarmiento, Cristian Martinez,   Jessica Pedraza, Emma Lopez, Ryan Salinas, Angelica Betancourt  2886 Galveston – Jannette Mandujano, Undra Cox, Shanice Kettle, Ashley Allen   3658  Baybrook Mall   Friendswood – Jose Chay  15585 Parkwood , Friendswood – Mailu Lopez, Nelson Hernandez, Brenda Springer  19740 League City – Fidel Molina, Lucas Sontay  937012 /20544  Seabrook  - Victor Barajas  25722 Baytown- Maria Gonzalez, Gerber Vasquez, Isaias Garcia, Baudilio Garcia  27539 Pearland – Aaron Wilson, Johnny Torres, Joseph Reed, Phillip Maresh, Peggy Crowson27786 Belfort Houston – Brandon Johnson, Andy Salazar,  Leticia Garza, Jameshcia Curry  27787 Channelview – John Lopez, Adrian Barraza, Andreina Garcia  27788 Spring – Maria Tellez, Nicole Cruz, Stephanie New,  Christian Best, Aysia Scott, Douglas Coleman, Maria Gonzalez  27789 Humble – Hector Guerrero  27790 Uvalde Houston – Maria Salinas  27791 FM Rd  Houston Ataur Tipu, Adoria Darby, Maria Torres  27792 Westheimer – Henry Moreno, Rashad Matthews  27793 Sugarland – Na’Sha Washington, Allyson Folsom,   Meachel Lindon  27794 Wayside Houston – Melissa Ortega  27795 Spencer Pasadena – Jesse Garza, Shaina Sanchez, Iris Mendoza, Victoria Thornton  27796 Southmore Pasadena – Maria Mendoza  27797 West Rd. Houston – Marcel Rodriguez, Yaneth Rosales, Guadalupe Leyva, Nyesha Hicks, Celiflora Avila 27798 Panther Creek Woodlands –Maria Gonzalez, Carmen Zavaleta, Fatima Perez  27799 College Park, Woodlands-Caleb Quinn, Amanda Threet,Leslie White Jr., Jessica Gomez, Anna Sykes  27800 Market Place Katy – Dawn Nettles, Cesar Soto, Jose Mendoza, Lori Stephens, Maria Perez, Olivia Belmontes, Lerenzo Nelson, Alejandra Palacios 27801 Wallisville  Houston – Mario Martinez, Jose Aguilera, Joshua Duran, Ranferi Rivera, Marisol Zamora, Gregory Villanueva, Christopher Soles  27802 FM Rd Houston – Gardelia Teran, Nerieda Ramirez, Jodi Spencer, Berta Brooks, Bobby Guillory, Carmen Torres, Martha Decastro  27803 Same Houston Humble –Hilario Balderas, Luz Caynon, Christina Guerra, Laura Barreto, David Reyes    27804 Magnolia –Ashlee Wood, Ana Mata  27805 Spring Cypress Spring –Leonardo Rodriguez, Maria Andrade, Kelli Cruz, Karina Cordova   27806 Fry Rd Katy – Miguel Resendiz, Maria Rodriguez,  Maria Villatoro, Stephanie Arana  27807 Taylor Houston – Luis Rincon, Justin Ulate, Saul Ureti, Saul Feuntes, Maria Martinez, Lesly Vazquez, Marin Zuniga,  Michael Chavarria, Leanna Lopez,  Michael Williams, Maria Cevedo  27808 FM Rd Houston – Brian Dimas, Tiffany Bell, Anayeli Garcia   27809 Six Pines Woodlands-Jonh Williams, William Moessinger  28399 University of Houston-Juan Ochoa, Paul Sabal  2079 New Iberia –Dynesha Gilliam, Richard Nickerson, Kanesha Cole  24975 Leesville –Terrica Hill, Courtney Escoffery, Christopher Joiner, Petronia Harris  937003  Lake Charles –Ariel Whitehead, Janice Aaron, Charles Fowler  937004 Laplace – Juwan Simmons, Arahnisha Harvey, Donnie Vonnetta, Barry Johnson  24689 Houma – Tyron Turner, Megan Matthews, Cheyanne Feet, Gabriel Aucoin, Jakhan Guillaume  937006  Lafayette – Tangie Mouton, Sandrika Comeaux   937009/20017 Morgan City –Damien Lomack, Sharena Lightfoot, La’Rosa Robinson, Morris Garrison, Porche Riley, Sade Lemon  937013 Gonzales –   Qui’Myscha Conish  937014/20511 Gray – David Washington   AC’s –Jason Long, Carolina Hernandez – Office –Lindsey Youngblood,  Charles “Jay”  Leblanc  and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GREGORY J. HAMER, SR. 
SAFETY IS IMPORTANT  -  ARE YOU A SAFETY CONSCIENCE ??      The Bunn Water dispenser heats and dispenses hot water for food preparation.  The hot water dispenser produces water temperatures of 190 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. OUCH!!!!      Water from the Bunn Water dispenser is for FOOD PREPARATION ONLY - Red Sauce, Beans, and Rice. DO NOT USE it for cleaning, or any other non-food preparation procedure.      Use the following tips when using Bunn Water: 1. ALWAYS use the approved plastic pitcher.   2. INSPECT pitcher for cracks. 3. ALWAYS wear rubber gloves or arm guards. 4. DON'T fill the pitcher more than 2/3 full. If you are walking with the pitcher, you need to allow room for the water to move from side to side without spilling over onto your hands or body. 5. NEVER use Bunn Water to melt ice in the ice machine tray, clean the cheese pump or metal food containers, clean the line, mop floors, etc. 6. NEVER leave the water unattended. If you pour the water and you are not going to use it, immediately pour it down the drain so it is not left out where someone could get burned.      Every Bunn Water dispensing unit must have a red anti-locking spigot. If you do not have the anti-locking spigot, please contact an HR Representative or your Area Coach and they will get you one immediately
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