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Colonel Taco
B&G’s Charity Foundation Don’t forget, we have the foundation set up and waiting for any contributions you wish to make.  No Amount is too little or too small.  Every bit is so helpful.   Many Thanks!!
Congratulations to all our 2014 Graduates Best of luck with all you do!
    Well summer is finally here.  We will have more hours of daylight and hopefully more customers in our restaurants.  That means a lot more opportunities for us to give our customers GREAT SERVICE, so they will want to return again and again.     I trust each of you have been coached on YES I CAN. I really believe we can make a difference if we all start believing that YES I CAN.   Of course we all realize that to give GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE our entire team needs to be on board in order for it to happen.  However it begins with each and every one of us believing that YES I CAN, please my customers and make my restaurant a better place to work.       We each have to believe that--- YES I CAN be faster YES I CAN be quicker YES I CAN be more accurate YES I CAN be friendlier YES I CAN help my fellow employees YES I CAN give great service and be an example of ____________________(what can you contribute?)     I look forward to seeing the results of all of us practicing YES I CAN. I think we will feel better and I know our customers will love it.   Greg Hamer
Tips to save Electricity costs at Home and Work: Remember these tips for conserving energy at home and at work: 1) Adjust air conditioner thermostats accordingly. Turning them down too much will cause the unit to freeze      up and it won’t work. 2) Turn off appliances at night or if not being used for extended periods of time. 3) Replace light bulbs and ballasts as they go out. 4) Turn off lights at night at closing. 5) Report outside lights that are on during the day. 6) Keep refrigeration and heat cabinet doors closed and in good working order (hinges and gaskets). 7) Do not block exterior doors openings (including drive thru windows)….can you think of any more tips to      save energy ?consumption? Please conserve energy at home and at work…Thank You ! Tommy Gegenheimer,  Facilities Coach
Customer Involvement by Jennings Taco Bell
     At Easter, Taco Bell # 3601 in Jennings conducted an Easter Egg  Coloring Contest.      Miguel Encinas an 11 year old from Jennings was voted by our staff to have the best entry.      Miguel was so happy to win the huge Easter basket and a bag of cinnamon twist as the prize. Taco Bell Jennings adding that personal touch for their customers.                         GREAT JOB TEAM JENNINGS !!!
“A happy customer is the best job security we have”
FROM THE DESK OF Bob Prata, Taco Bell  Operations Consultant    Reference: Taco Bell 27794 Wayside, Houston    Augusto,    I wanted to take a minute and let you know that I shopped your Wayside TB this past weekend.  I was on a redeye flight out of Sacramento CA which landed at 1:40am at Hobby Airport Saturday morning.  On my way home I decided to shop your Wayside location since I was on that side of Houston which is not typical for me that time of day.  As you can tell by the picture it was a good visit.  The building was well lit and the landscaping looked good.  Your MIC Angela Coleman was so polite and helpful while taking my order which was not easy considering every item was a special request – Fresco items plus beans, plus grilling of the chicken burrito. She suggested a drink and got me to donate a $1 to the teen fund raiser, and she confirmed the order via the PCB. Lastly, the food was hot and made to my liking thanks to food champion Ashley.      I recognized them both with pins and gift cards. It was 2am when this all occurred making me the last guest of the morning.  Great to know your team at Wayside treats the last guest of the day like they are the first!   Thanks B&G Foods for everything you are doing to drive operations 7/24. Very nicely done! Bob Prata  Operations Consultant Congratulations WaysideTeam in Houston
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