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Colonel Taco
B&G’s Charity Foundation Don’t forget, we have the foundation set up and waiting for any contributions you wish to make.  No Amount is too little or too small.  Every bit is so helpful.  Many Thanks!!
Are you ready?       March 7 th  is the long anticipated start sales date for Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.  We expect a lot of interest from our customers in this new product, something like what we received last year with the introduction of the original Doritos Locos Taco       This is our most important launch of the year, I cannot stress enough that each taco has to be RIGHT.  If a customer gets a wrong one, they may never try the product again and that would be a shame because it is a great product when prepared right.       So I want to invite each of you to make sure you insure that every taco we serve is RIGHT. If there is one product line that our customers expect us to prepare to perfection it is our TACOS, after all we are TACO BELL.        Of course it is my wish that we prepare all of our products to meet our customers’ expectations…but every new product brings its own issues and it is so important that we make sure we are doing them correctly when the customer is trying the first one.       Easter comes early this year, in fact, it will be in March. I want to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Easter and the hope that all of you are looking forward to a beautiful spring, with longer days and more business in our restaurants.   Greg Hamer Sr.
Training Tips         Please remember there is training Videos that TMs should be watching on Team Taco Bell. These are not shown on the LZ courses but need to be referred to during training.  These Videos are available on Team Taco Bell >Food Safety>Cleaning System Video Link: Cleaning System Introduction 1. Floor Cleaning            2. Tables and Chairs         3. Spot Cleaning Windows and Doors 4. Rest Room Cleaning         5. Drink Machine Cleaning
                               Profile of a Champion      Gilbert Mora at Store 27798 a Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s unit in the Woodlands has become an integral part of Alma Velasquez’s Area, and through his partnership with Alma and all the Restaurant General Managers in this Area have moved this Team to one of the top performers in the Market, and in the B&G organization! Gilbert has a true commitment to his people, and spends his time dedicated to the development of everyone, and through his approach to this Leadership role has delivered outstanding CORE results all through 2012, and has started 2013 with a 98.38 Score…currently leading in the Texas Market. Gilbert also has a very balanced approach to his responsibilities as a business operator, and consistently delivers on Brand metrics as well as Profits…he has built something his Customers desire, and through great stewardship ensures his Team can provide a great Taco Bell/Long John’s experience far into the future. Panthercreek will be around contributing heavily to the B&G organization for many years to come!
Gilbert Mora
21553 Houma-Markina White  24768 Laplace-Nyanza Bell, Nicole Nicholas, Pulsha Wilson  2952 Mall Dr. Alexandria –Colby Segura, Djquala Blue, Sonja Page, Terielle Triplett  2619 Natchitoches –Justin Ambrose  3532 Pineville –Donovan Jones, Nickoeye Beauregard, Christian Cockerham, Rebecca Remrey,  Kelvin Bryant  26732 Houma –Janae Adams, Chance Boudreaux, Crystal Volcain, Adurius Talley  4727 Thibodaux –Lahendra Ballard, Veronica Smith,  Ayshia Davis, Eric Bradt, Cordella Reed  26003 Marksville–Durwin Martin, Jade Jacobs, Trey A. Poret  15326 Picayune –Shalonda Jackson, Chanel Willis 15758 LaRose –Tammy Bibs  16865  Bastrop –Sabre Harris  17183 McArthur Alexandria  – Stacy Perrin, Calvin Johnson  17611 Boutte – Stanley Robinson, Ronnie Sandolph, Jasmine Holden  22772 Broussard –Brandy Sias, Hunter Richard, Jacarel Calais, Joshua Johnson, Jeremiah Chretien, Dartanyus Faulk,  Oscar Bob, Brazil Demolle, Alfred Sullivan, Jr.  2876 Hwy 171  Lake Charles- Karista White, Quincy Bordelon, Alicia Duncan  2999 Ruth St.,  Sulphur –Tucker Duhon, Terry M. Domingue  3165 Prien Lake,  Lake Charles– Brian Celestine, Oneischa Bellard, Brandy Williams  3700 Eunice – McKenzie Brown,Alexis Daigle, Fletecher Wilson, Victoria Poore, Rodhie Amos, Taylor Fontenot  16313 Crowley –Kiriakis Brown  16951 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles – Riley Arndt, Tamra Kinder, Alice Reed, Tywanisha Bevil  16966 Cities Service, Sulphur –Louisa Royer, Josh Tingle, Jena Joudalet, Christain McCarty 18210 Gerstner, Lake Charles-Joshua Minor, Kawanda Richardson  26656 Chalmette –Donald Gillespie, Aisha Polk  2875 Gause  Blvd. Slidell II –  Kimika Magee, Brittany Morris, Tesia Johnson, Lonnie Hayes  16664 Bogalusa- Everett Rhea III, Darrel Esteve, Demorace Pigott  24526 Leesville Shaka Kamau, Lacey Howell, Andre Flint  23902 Abbeville –A’kera Morris, Ineisha Walker, Skylar Debarge   26276 Columbia –Richard McIntosh, Susan Stringer, Erin Crosby, Dwaynetta Tolbert   24294 Wiggins – Carmen White-Harris, Sonya Campbell, Keara Williams  26637 Breaux Bridge –Blaire Jones, Megan Daigle, Justice Dupuis, Krystle Pauley, Sedonia Davis  26916  Baton Rouge – Danielle Weatherspoon, Antonio Conley  26773 Chef  Menteur  N.O.- Kendrica Mayes, Bria Douse, Alfrednette Williams, Dustin Delaune  27675 Moss Bluff-Dakota Foy  26772 Spanish Trail, Slidell – Jamineca Williams, Lisa Morris 2434 Scarsdale Houston  -  Levis Vanegas, Cesar Patino, Viviano Chapa  26764 Angleton –Kyara Garcia  2870 Dickinson – Nicholas Venti, Abran Mata, Desiree De Los Santos, Cesar Sandoval  2886 Galveston – Paula Afonso, Pauletta Goss, Alize Garner, Haeve Martinez, Angel Hernandez 3658  Baybrook Mall   Friendswood – Anny Gamboa, Carla Mejia 15585 Parkwood , Friendswood – Santos Pelico, Latta Desai, Edwing Gonzalez, Nicholas May  19549 LaPorte – Graciela Salazar, Julia Barrientos, Desiree Torres,  Kristina Alford, Miriam Argueta  19740 League City – Francisco Pelico, Beatriz Elvia Garcia  937012 /20544  Seabrook  -Ouidio Guox, Stefanny Cruz  25722 Baytown Irene Mills, Darlin Pelico, Bertha Saldivar, Daniel Sanchez, Mirna Cano  27539 Pearland –Christopher Rodriguez, Wendis Carrillo, Terrell Okwanna  27109 Webster  Steven Lewis 27786 Belfort Houston –Ashley Callis,Xavier Ramos, Rosario Villarreal, Jaime Trejo  27787 Channelview –Samantha Jones, Martha Garcia, Jessica  Barron  27788 Spring –Jorge Alvarado, Jaylon Hunt, Julio Villarreal, Jose Chavez  27789 Humble –Elvira Vega, Kirenia Viltres, Christian Leon   27790 Uvalde Houston – Edith Tello, Josh Kwasnik, Jose Salazar  27791 FM Rd  Houston – Maria Lopez  27792 Westheimer – Adriana Mundo, Sean Prescod, Victor Lopez, Mary Jane Perez, Marvin Garcia 27793 Sugarland –Mary Servin  27794 Wayside Houston – Disnney Flores, Reina Fuentes  27795 Spencer Pasadena  Sabrina Lopez, Jeannie Stephens, Jesus Villegas  27796 Southmore Pasadena – Grayling Walker  27797 West Rd. Houston – Steve Garza, Jairo Hernandez, Courtney Anthony, Fatima Sariles 27798 Panther Creek Woodlands –Byron Wilks  27800 Market Place Katy –Raquell Bozile, Taliah Hollier, Eddie Fernandez, Dylan Buckley, Damarcus Conner, Robert Oldroyd, Sofia Moazzem, Uriel Ruiz, Christopher Yonda  27801 Wallisville  Houston – Joseph Leclaire, Brian Spears, Melissa Reyna 27802 FM Rd Houston – Arend Johan Minnema Cardoi, Courtney Escobar, Tiana Sizer, Taylor Wyche, David Penfield  27803 Same Houston Humble Alyssa Deshasier, Maria Leon  27804 Magnolia –Yaritza Bocanegra, Faith McDaniel  27805 Spring Cypress Spring –Francisca Reyes, Stephanie Ynfante, Walter Quintanilla  27806 Fry Rd Katy – Margarita Huerta, Alexa Rena, Liliana Salgado, Juan Resendiz, Maria Villalobos  27807 Taylor Houston – Priscilla Garza, Luke Cherazard, Terran Alexander  27808 FM Rd Houston – Jezreel Morgado, Cutberta Perez  27809 Six Pines Woodlands-Griselda Moncada  2079 New Iberia –Leroy Gims, Diana Grimm, Tyra Lechelle Watson, Sandars Johnson, Chamorris Charles, Ja-Christien King  24975 Leesville Summer Floyd, Leahnna Rowe, Cheryl Horace  937003  Lake Charles – Jessica Carrier, Christopher Lambert, Keeton Bills, Jonathan Gragg  937004 Laplace – Jarrod Hebert, Kimberly Christopher, Sandy Gregoire  24689 Houma –Jermaine Washington, Darian Victoria, Kenny Kraimer, Michele Canosa  937009/20017 Morgan City – Nancy Landry, Katherine Stoute, Morshai Grogan, Deandra Johnson, Brittany Johnson, Felicia Green, Celeste Naverre, Keddrick Jones, Meagan Myers 937014/20511 Gray –Kaylon Barrow, Jasmine Babineaux    AC’s – Joey Macnamara, Antonio Valdes  Office –Gregory J. Hamer Jr., Valerie LeBlanc, Danielle Sauce 
I would like to recognize a true CUSTOMER    MANIAC at Taco Bell # 27804.  His name is Anthony ‘Tony’ Webb       He has been WOWing guests at this restaurant since 2010 as the front counter cashier five days a week. He is a true asset to our brand.       Tony gets recognition from his guests quite often throughout any given day which keeps him striving to be the best around! When asked why he goes above and beyond the call of duty to make people happy he says “I do it everywhere I go, in life, it makes me feel good.”      We appreciate all that Tony does and what he has done for his all guests in Magnolia, Texas. Thank you TONY,   Jennifer Decker, Area Coach
“Tony” Webb Customer Maniac Taco Bell # 27804
KE E P BO T H   H AND S   O N T H E   W H EE L
NO   T E X T I NG W H I L E   D R I V I NG
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