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Colonel Taco
B&G’s Charity Foundation Don’t forget, we have the foundation set up and waiting for any contributions you wish to make.  No Amount is too little or too small.  Every bit is so helpful.  Many Thanks!!
Wow, spring is here.  That means we are painting, repairing and planting.  Our maintenance folks are working hard to get everything looking good now that winter has passed.  While maintenance issues are always with us, it seems this time of year always gets more attention.  Just as we are trying to get our restaurants ready for the rest of the year, now is also the time for all of our team members to redouble their efforts to give the best possible customer service. Before we know it school will be out and we will be in our busiest time of the year.  The only thing that keeps our customers coming back is our food and service.  If we serve food that is not to standards by making a mistake on their order, such as---serving a messy taco, or chicken past its hold time, we encourage our customers to go somewhere else.  If we are talking to our friends and ignoring our customers---we encourage them to go somewhere else.  If we don’t smile, if we don’t say thank you, if we are impolite---we encourage them to go somewhere else. I know that none of us want to encourage our customers to go somewhere else, but it happens.  It is up to each of us to try and make sure our customers have a good experience when they come to our restaurants.  Please do your part; please encourage your team to treat our customers in a polite, friendly matter---the way each of us would want to be treated when we go somewhere to spend our hard earned money. Let’s all get ready to invite our customers to return over and over again… lets smile, be friendly and remember…THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT…even when we know they are not…LETS GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT AND TRY AND SATISFY THEM, even if we know it was their mistake. “ WORK HAPPY, STAY HAPPY, SMILE AND BE FRIENDLY ” JUST ANOTHER NOTE ***   Remember that we are always looking for new employees.  We offer a financial reward for anyone that brings us a new employee, if you know someone, talk to your manager.    Greg Hamer
Congratulation Area Coach, Todd Brown, and the Picayune Team on a great opening for the new Taco Bell. The Grand Opening held on April 16 th , hosted various dignitaries, friends and crew. GREAT JOB TEAM PICAYUNE !!!
Taco Bell # 028509 Picayune, Mississippi
“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same”
Have you checked out our Website yet ? WWW.bgfood.com
Training Tips  # 3      Please remember there is training Videos that TMs should be watching on Team Taco Bell. These are not shown on the LZ courses but need to be referred to during training.  These Videos are available on Team Taco Bell >Food Safety>Cleaning System Video Link: Opening and Closing Exterior Videos 1. Cleaning Concrete Area & Dumpster Area   2. Menu Boards and Directional Signs     3. Windows Full Cleaning      These Videos are about a minute and half each or longer but they go into a lot of detail, we may be missing some details when training the TMs on the proper cleaning of each area, if they watch the videos, the training will be consistent and your store may be cleaner with just some follow up. Enjoy the Videos and have a Tacoriffic day !!  Davis Mendoza, Brand Trainer                                 
21553 Houma-Elwanda Coleman, Lasonya Walker  24768 Laplace-Chance Victor, Brenda McBride  2952 Mall Dr. Alexandria–Eric Clark, Donald Dotson  2619 Natchitoches –Kyrielle Richardson, Shelbie Weatherford 3532 Pineville–Rebecca Durison, Marquis Dunlap, Kristina Goudeau, Chelsey Toth,  Sedrick Good 26732 Houma –Jim Stroman, Amber Benoit  4727 Thibodaux – Timothy Hill, Matthew Hymel, Chris Cubas  26003 Marksville–Cynthia Houston 15326 Picayune –Shatresha Goodman, Norman Sipe, Elijah Lemoine  15758 LaRose – Jace Savoie  16865  Bastrop –Phillip McDaniel, Jantangela Wilson 17183 McArthur Alexandria–Lueller Kirkwood  17611 Boutte – Lylisa Gullage  2876 Hwy 171  Lake Charles- Anna Vaughn, Kortini Bradley 2999 Ruth St.,  Sulphur – Anthony Bruney, Alexander  Like, Sheryl Simmons, Lauren Walker, Keyana Wise  3165 Prien Lake,  Lake Charles–Katrina Bellard 3601 Jennings – Allison Miller, Byron Gobert  3700 Eunice –Laura Pellican, Navarion Ben, Shirley A. Miller, Tytania Harris  16313 Crowley –Bracie Hebert 16951 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles – Daniel L. Merriam  16966 Cities Service, Sulphur –Megan Navarre, Robert Welcome  18210 Gerstner, Lake Charles –Raven Victorian, David Monceaux, Jordan Thomas  26656 Chalmette –  Andreana Davis, Lynell Handy  2875 Gause  Blvd. Slidell II – Tiffany Boudreaux,Kafi Williams, Cherie Lara  16664 Bogalusa-Roundell Guest, Suzette Belton, Tobias Toomer  23902 Abbeville – Taylor Stockwell  26276 Columbia –  Robert Johnson, Jasmine Talbert, Sherry Mcleod  24294 Wiggins – Joshua Brimingham  26637  Breaux Bridge – Anthony Babineaux, Lauren Babineaux, Keejwana Gibson, Naomi Griffin, Calvin Lewis 26916  Baton Rouge – Porchia Smith, Clarence Hatch,  Brandon Richard, Ariel Fuller 26773 Chef  Menteur  N.O.- Dominique Buckley, Jasmine Johnson, Shelley Fairbanks, Ricky Seals, Alvin Walker, Catrice Gordon, Monique Jackson  27675 Moss Bluff – Laiken Leckband, Jessica Broussard  26772 –Spanish Trail, Slidell – William Kay 27665 Claiborne, New Orleans – Cindy Smith, Janice Miles, Ja’Jhan Washington 20070 Fuqua Houston – Brandon Dominguez  2434 Scarsdale Houston-Jagruti Bahen, Eleydis Cape, Luis Escobar  26764 Angleton –Cody Spurgeon  2870 Dickinson –Crystal Lambert, Jannete Rios, Amy Lopez, Samantha Low, Hannah Anzaldua  2886 Galveston –Jennifer Trujillo, Agnes Groom,  Norma Hernandez, Natasha Nevis  3658  Baybrook Mall   Friendswood – Lalitaben Patel  15585 Parkwood , Friendswood – Jose Cuyuch, Brittany Sanders  937012 /20544  Seabrook – Dorca Garcia  25722 Baytown-Angelica Xiloj, Martha Garcia, Lourdes Marquez, Elvira Hernandez, Renisha Jones, Jose Pelico  27539 Pearland –Gilberto Rodriguez  27109 Webster –Elviz Martinez, Dominga Hernandez, Jesus Burgos  27786 Belfort Houston –  Cesar Silver, Jorge Nila, Emelia Salas  27787 Channelview – Sanjuana Gomez  27788 Spring – Taylor Wigglesworth, Tooba Fatima, Jessica Murga, Eliu Figueroa,  Andrew Perez, Cortney Jean  27789 Humble – Liz Espadas, Edgar Zelaya, Michelle Cardenas  27790 Uvalde Houston – Patrice Howard, Alberto Luna 27792 Westheimer – Jessica  Lincoln, Karnisha Greene, Jose Hernandez, Stewart Schaffer, Jasmin Vara, Rebecca Santos, Shaunya Curry 27793 Sugarland – Daysi Galeano, Worawut Hanphiset, Malyea Taylor  27794 Wayside Houston –Marisol Jandres, Kenia Zelaya, Ana Carrillo, Reyna Aguilar  27795 Spencer Pasadena – Tabatha Correra  27796  Southmore Pasadena – Tasha Runnels, Justin Ovalle  27797 West Rd. Houston – Christopher Anthony, Irene Fombona, Oscar Rodriguez, Nadia Rodriguez  27798 Panther Creek Woodlands –Gustavo Rios, Benjamin Price, Vilma Henriquez  27799 College Park, Woodlands – Jackeline Guzman, Rodrigo Martinez, Mayra Zelaya  Shawn Brucks, Ismael Conejo  27800 Market Place Katy – Jack Wessels, Tyler Smith, Laura Jarvis  27801 Wallisville  Houston – Blanca Contreras, Brandon Dotson,  Kimberly Agilar  27802 FM Rd Houston – Ashley Cardona, Dyllan Gabbard, Erica Torres, Sara Powers  27803 Same Houston Humble –Kermit Campos, Olga  Benavides, Katherine Campos, Juan Martinez  27804 Magnolia –Monica Molina, Dakota Black, Wendy Harding, Diana Aguirre, Yazmin Alvarado Gutierrez, Anthony  Webb, Blake Lapaglia 27807 Taylor Houston – Ingrid Carranza, Cruz Candido, Brenda Fuentes, Samantha Hoffman, Ruth Evans, Angel Wilson, Jason Guerrero,  Dovonte Carr, Helin Lopez  27808 FM Rd Houston – Oscar Perez  27809 Six Pines Woodlands-Nuvia Benitez 2079 New Iberia –Mercedes Doucette, Mer’Asha Bernard, Debra Carter, Bryanna Steward, Celina Reed  24975 Leesville –Natasha Shephard 937003  Lake Charles – Barica Bush, Christopher Milburn  937004 Laplace – Jacquez Johnson  24689 Houma – Robert Bergeron Jr., Shamika Menard, Matthew Hymel, Donsheka Morgan, Terence Bias  937006  Lafayette – Jorden  Melton  937009/20017 Morgan City – Kandie Guillotte, Dejon Francis, Adrian Buritica, Tia Chenevert  937014/20511 Gray – Brijanae Norman, Luis Gonzalez, Carmelita  James, Pam Carter, Loretta Barabin  DO’s – Tim McConnell  Office -  Amanda Frederick,  Brenda Hamer 
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