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      Well, Tuesday the 6 th  is Election Day across this great land of ours.  I encourage each of you to do your duty and go vote.  This may well be the most important election in our life time.        The policies that made our country the greatest nation in the history of the world have been under attack for almost 4 years. Obama-care is attacking:  The Freedom of Religion, the free exercise of any religion-- part of the 1 st  amendment to our constitution is being trampled on.  Folks on Medicare, Social Security and Aid to Dependent Children are seeing the funds cut.  Personal responsibility that allows us to make our own decisions and live with the choices we make---is being ignored and we are being forced to do what the government wants.       The President has ignored the Capitalistic system that for over 200 years has made our economy the envy of the planet, kept us working with good jobs and created a military so strong that no one was ever successful in waging war against us.        But Obama had a different plan…He created polices that have made it a fact that more people were working on the last day of George Bush’s presidency than on any single day during the presidency of Barrack Obama.  He hurt Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas because of his war against the Offshore Oil Industry.  He killed the Space Program…we now have to hire the Russians to take things to the Space Station that the tax payers of America paid for.  He is downsizing the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and Coast Guard …and the world is more dangerous today than on the day he took office and we are weaker.       I am smart enough to know that a lot of our employees voted for Obama 4 years ago.  I know a lot of folks like him.  But I want to ask all of you to take a good look at our country…and ask yourself, can our country afford to gamble with him for 4 more years. His policies have destroyed our economy and he wants to continue to do the same for 4 more years (his words not mine).  I believe Obama Care will break America, even his people now admit it will cost Billions more (yet he will not change it).   He said when he ran he would bring us together yet he passed the biggest most expensive bill in the history of our country without one Republican vote or allowing even one Republican amendment to be put on the bill---and he promises to put it into effect.  He is getting ready to raise taxes on most small businesses in America (B&G included) on top of the additional taxes Obama-Care is going to put on small businesses to pay for it.  Thousands of small businesses will close or shrink…how is that going to create jobs.       At the end of the day…we all have to make our own decision.  I hope you join me and allow Mitt Romney to see if he can turn our country around.  He knows how to run a big business…I think he can do a better job of running America.         Please think about your parents and your children before you cast your vote… and pray that you make the right decision for our country and your family.   Greg Hamer
     To call Vivianne Camacho a newbie doesn’t even do it justice.  Before joining the B&G team, Vivianne was working for AT&T after leaving Taco Bell Corp in the Lafayette market.  The long hiatus from fast food and the alluring pull of the family like atmosphere that B&G provides, was too much and Vivianne decided she belonged in fast food.      Vivanne took over as RGM of 22772, Broussard, a store that had been, at best, in the bottom 10 of B&G Foods.  With her upbeat “can do” attitude and extreme work ethic, she was able to turn this problem store into a top ten performer!   Customers even noticed the dramatic change in the environment in the store, and would constantly compliment the team and how much change had taken place.      When an opportunity for advancement came open in the Lafayette market, she was the obvious choice to take the job.  She now brings her work ethic, positive attitude, and years of experience to three stores as their above store leader.                 Congratulations Vivianne our B & G Champion of the month !!
21553 Houma-Kanisha Adams  2952 Mall Dr. Alexandria–Jamin Celestine, Jessica Celestine, Albert Freeman, Edward Branch, Michael Vancherie 2619 Natchitoches –Tasia Logan, Lalania Milsap, Asia Scott, Reginald Bush  3532 Pineville–Paviena Jones, Kristy Gambrell, Elouise West, Marvin Sewell 26732 Houma–Aleah Seaux, Nicole Daigle  4727 Thibodaux–Ashante Oubre, Ariyaun Dejean  26003 Marksville–Zechariah Laborde, Calisha Celestine,Juanathan Butler  15326 Picayune–Iyanla Wills  15758 LaRose –Joshua Simon  17183 McArthur Alexandria–Katherine Vidrine, Keandra Williams, Bobby Sanders, Nico Pastore  17489 Bayou Vista–Vanessa Solet, Corey Smith, Quanneisha Jackson, Latasha Woods, Joshua Engleton  17611 Boutte – Daniel Hills, Kenyan Marshall, Jasmine Betton, Kaswana Isaac  22772 Broussard–Briley Menard, Princess Jones  2876 Hwy 171  Lake Charles-Angel Weldon,  Latoya Ryans, Jeremy Jolivette  2999 Ruth St.,  Sulphur–Holden Perry  3165 Prien Lake,  Lake Charles–Andrew Jackson, Felithia Hunter  3601 Jennings – Stephanie Richard  3700 Eunice –Erica Manuel  16313 Crowley–Kymbra Morvant  16951 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles–Jade Citizen, Keith Guillory, Chris Chaisson 16966 Cities Service, Sulphur–Keith Jasmine, Celola King, Anna Alexander, Angela McLeish, Christina Gallien, Rodney Seawright  26656 Chalmette –Tikera Salvant   2875 Gause  Blvd. Slidell II–Tavard Cooper, Dominique Livas, Shateek Nobles Sr., Katie Givens  16664 Bogalusa-Lakeshia Chapman 24526 Leesville–Jessica Hill, Amara Jump, Chelsea Creech  23902 Abbeville–Devonte St.Julien, Shamir Bryant  26276 Columbia –Rodney Serrin, Trevor Sones, Bianca Thomas, Donald Harvey  24294 Wiggins –Sarah Chance  26637 Breaux Bridge –Emmanulle Alexander, Kiana Davis, Brianna Alfred, Willie Babin  26773 Chef  Menteur  N.O.-Whitney Mercadel, Shandricka Condoll, Chivas Jenkins, Dwayane Walker  26916 Baton Rouge-Arianne Dussett, Lavon Williams, Desirea Williams   27675 Moss Bluff- Shonta Lafanette     20070   Fuqua Houston –Christina Gonzales, Luis Flores, Tony Maldonado, Lee Daulley, Gloria Saenz, Lori Torres  26764 Angleton –Saul Aguilar 2870 Dickinson –Alma Soliz, Armando Espino, Naomi Salinas  2886 Galveston –Alvaro Tapia, Kenneth McDaniel  15585 Parkwood , Friendswood – Alicia Garcia, Alex Rivera  19549 LaPorte – Alejandra Vazquez  19740 League City –Hector Lue  937012 /20544  Seabrook –Ernesto Guox  25722 Baytown-Catalina Vazquez  27109 Webster – Juan Torres, Charleston Yancy  27786 Belfort Houston –Nathaniel Zackery, Mauricio Aviles, Ana Chavez, Cindy Escalera  27788 Spring –Tomas Almanza, Jacquelyn Rangel, Dany Compos  27789 Humble –Silvestre Hernandez, Alisia Gladney, Brian Lopez 7790 Uvalde Houston –Susana Navarro  27791 FM Rd  Houston –Dennis Sanchez  27792 Westheimer Houston-Jacob Ferguson, Linda Rodriguez 27793 Sugarland –Ana Chavarria  27794 Wayside Houston –Javier Gomez  27796 Southmore Pasadena –Courtney Martin, Krystal Rodriguez 27797 West Rd. Houston –Marco Jenny  27799 College Park Woodlands–Eulalia Saucedo, Juan Fajardo, Silvestre Ruiz  27800 Market Place Katy – Calli Pool, Kevin Densmore, Jonathan Lara, Lidia Hernandez, Buffy Boyd, Chanell Palmer  27801 Wallisville  Houston –Aurelia Hernandez, Alicia Alvarez  27802 FM Rd Houston –Quinta Rhea, Carletha Washington, Taydren Crawford, Jessica Maldonado  27803 Same Houston Humble –Antonio Cano 27804 Magnolia –Jennifer Leveque  27805 Spring Cypress Spring –Chris Edwards, Jose Ramirez  27806 Fry Rd Katy –Natilee Sperrazzo  27807 Taylor Houston –Cesar Balderas, Ramon Castro, Norma Steele, Nora Salamanca, Jonathan Hernandez  27808 FM Rd Houston –Rosa Flores 27809 Six Pines Woodlands-Yensy Canales  2079 New Iberia –Charlotte Cole, Malcolm Barnes  24975 Leesville–Gerald Hardin  937003  Lake Charles – Michelle Malveaux  937004 Laplace–Eddye Lear,  Dana Nix  24689 Houma –Tori McKinley Jr.  937009/20017 Morgan City –Lacey Scully, Angela Boudreaux    937013 Gonzales –Tamara Conish, Francis Toliver 937014/20511 Gray –Stephanie Brown, Donald Brown  AC’s –Owen Young, Jr. Maintenance – Arthur Oncale  Office – Kori Crappell,  Chorlette Guidry 
Offering payment choices to our customers has become increasingly important over the years. With this service comes the obligation of protecting our customers’ cards when we are processing the transaction.   The Payment Card Industry requires that certain measures be taken to protect card holder data.  One requirement is that all restaurant teams receive regular reminders on best practices for handling customer cards. These measures are audited every year to ensure we are in compliance. To Do:   Please review these tips for safe payment card handling with your current management team and Team Members. These tips should be repeated with all     associates on a quarterly basis and reviewed with all new hires to help safeguard our customers’ payment card information. Never do anything with the card other than process it for payment. If you see a Team Member do something strange with the card, tell the manager right away. Avoid having a cell phone near a customer’s card. You should never have a reason to have your cell phone near someone’s payment card; this could make the customer uneasy as many types of card theft can be accomplished with a cell phone. As a reminder, cell phones are not allowed in the back of our restaurants. If someone leaves a payment card in the restaurant, give it to the manager. The manager should call the bank that the card was issued from and follow instructions given by the bank. If the customer starts to walk off after handing you their card, encourage them to wait until you return their card to them. This prevents any questions around what was done with their card in their absence. Always keep the card where the customer can see it. This helps provide confidence that their card is properly controlled. When a customer hands you their payment card for processing, use it and then hand it right back to the customer. Wow the customer. When a customer pays with a payment card, it’s also a good opportunity to WOW them by thanking them by name when you return the card. It only takes a second and makes the customer feel special. These tips should be reviewed with all new hires and all associates on a quarterly to help safeguard our customers’ payment card information.
Important Message About Payment Card Security
Diana Carbajal of Taco Bell # 27109 in Webster, Texas  was given the greatest compliment a customer can give.  I would like to share this letter with you: “To Whom it May Concern: I am sending you this letter basically just because I think it needs to be said.  Way to many times you as managers receive letters of complaints or telling you what a crappy job you are doing etc.  However, I would like to not only say how impressed I was with the cleanliness of your restaurant but also your employee, Diana.  Ms. Diana was the first person my brother and I were greeted by when we came in.  She had a smile on her face and was very personable.  She laughed and joked with us while we were ordering.   It was so awesome how personable she was.  This being the reason I am writing she needs to be praised.  I have been in management for 16 years and she is very special. Not only was she a friendly person, but if she had down time, she was cleaning and filling in to stay busy…This alone was well worth a pat on the back for her.  So, I hope this letter finds its way to the appropriate people for praise, because it is well deserved.  Thank you to Ms. Diana for the smile and laughs, they make a world of difference.  Thank you, Lisa Murphy”.
Praise for Diana Carbajal ……JOB WELL DONE !!!
DRAIN MAINTENANCE FOR STORE AND YOUR HOUSE Please report any and all drain problems to your RGM immediately.  Recently I’ve discovered equipment not aligned with floor drains and drains clogged up with debris. If you have water on the floor you either have a leak or a drain problem. Be a CHAMPION , make your store a well maintained workplace. Under no circumstance pour grease or food down a drain. Keep strainers in place. These tips will also keep your drains at home maintained.  Thanks for your cooperation,          Tommy Gegenheimer   Director of Facilities and Maintenance 
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