Happy Birthday to You  ! Happy Birthday to You  ! October Birthdays
Colonel Taco
B&G’s Charity Foundation Don’t forget, we have the foundation set up and waiting for any contributions you wish to make.  No Amount is too little or too small.  Every bit is so helpful.  Many Thanks!!
       This will be the last News For Crews before our country goes to the polls and elects a new Congress and President.  I want to encourage all of you to take the time to go and vote.  Members of our military are being killed and wounded daily in Afghanistan in a war that for political reasons the established media in this country chooses to ignore.  Each of us should at least show our support for our military by taking the time to go and vote, since they are in harm’s way to protect that freedom that we enjoy, and too many of us fail to exercise.       I want to take this opportunity to share with you the reasons for a few of the votes that I am going to cast on Election Day. I fear that ObamaCare is going to bankrupt our country. Even the ones that voted for it without reading it are now agreeing that it is going to cost more than they thought, and is not going to save money as they said.  It has already taken 700 million dollars away from Social Security and will take more. Then it will put more pressure on the Social Security system that is already projected to go broke before many of you reach that age if it is not adjusted.   B&G Foods is going to have a very hard time trying to survive the massive taxes that ObamaCare is going to cause us to pay.  We will be forced to close restaurants and lay off employees. We do not think that our employees are going to enjoy having almost 10% of their pay taken out of their checks to pay for ObamaCare, even though ObamaCare gives every company the right to do so.  And the media is not telling the citizens that ObamaCare allows that. My religion teaches that abortion is a sin…yet ObamaCare says that my religion is wrong…and that it has to support ObamaCare and go against its teaching.  What has happened to FREEDOM OF RELIGION? What is the next Freedom we will lose?      The President has promised if re-elected he will not change ObamaCare and for that reason I am voting for Mitt Romney. We will elect every Congressman in the country…our restaurants lie in about 20 different Congressional districts.  I would ask that you vote for the person running that wants to stop Government spending…which means it will have to be a Republican since they believe the county is going bankrupt.        In Louisiana about 20 of our restaurants from Lake Charles to Houma are in the same Congressional District, I would like to ask you to please vote for Congressman Charles Boustany,  he is a friend of mine and I think he has done a good job and will do more in the future. Remember to Vote…however you vote….  Greg Hamer Sr
      Our Champion this month is Tran Nguyen, RGM at Taco Bell # 15326 in Picayune, Mississippi. Tran has literally grown up with B&G. Starting when she was 16 and in high school. Over the years she has moved up from team member to shift lead and finally when the opportunity came about, she was promoted to RGM.       Since taking over as RGM in Picayune she has become a leader in Jason’s area, regularly leading in SWS, VOC’s and with Profits for this unit.      Tran’s “customer first “mentality is a big part of the improvements that she has made here.      To Tran and her team we would like to send a big THANK YOU for all your hard work, she is truly a Champion !!!
Profile of a Champion
From left to right: Lamika, Craig, Patrick, and Tran
                                                     With the holidays season approaching we always see an increase in theft in the restaurants.  Everyone needs to understand that failure to follow proper cash procedure will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  We will prosecute all theft no matter how small or large the amount to the fullest extent of the law.  In other words, you will get fired, you will get arrested, and we will prosecute to make sure you are convicted of any theft that you commit.  Most of you have never been faced with a situation like being arrested for theft so let me break it down for you.        First you get caught stealing, and believe me you will get caught, you will lose your job, which cuts your source of income.  Then, you get arrested and charged with a crime.  If you have never been arrested before believe me it is no picnic.  You will be handcuffed, put in the back of a cop car and brought to jail where you will be booked for said theft.  After having to spend all day in the police station you will finally have a bail set, at which time you will need to have someone bail you out of jail.  If you are lucky enough to have someone bail you out then you may not have to sleep in the jail.  After this you will have to go to court, if you are convicted of the crime you will be forced to pay back anything you stole plus additional damages, and court costs.  This gets very expensive for someone with no job because they got fired from their job for stealing.  Not to mention now you have theft on your criminal record that will follow you around for the rest of your life.       With more employers starting to do background checks on all employees, good luck getting another job to pay back the money that you stole in the first place.  All in all best thing for you to do is not steal, or condone any who do.  If you are any part of any theft you will be considered an accessory in the eyes of the law and can be prosecuted just like the person who actually committed the crime.  In summary, don’t steal, don’t condone any who do, and have a safe and happy holiday season. Did you know that if you report theft you can receive a $50 reward? Report theft to your AC, DO, or the HR department and you can be paid a reward, you will remain anonymous.  Gregory Hamer, Jr.
Theft in Restaurants
      I would like to give a big Champs Cheer to the Team Laplace KFC & Team Destrehan . This   team   managed   to   prepare   and   deliver   over   2100   meals   to   the   devastated   areas   of   the   community   after   the   hurricane. The   team   delivered   the   meals   to   the   people   that   had   severely   damaged   homes   without   electricity.   Most   of   the   people   had not had a hot meal in days. It was such a blessing to be able to help the community in this time of need.                KFC   Corporate,   B&G,   and   McLane   Foods   all   pitched   in   financially   to   make   this   happen.   The   team   had   to   deal   with increased   sales   but   prepared   up   to   500   meals   some   days   while   handling   the   operations   without   ever   complaining. Everyone worked together.                   Destrehan's   Taco   Bell   team   came   to   help   and   quickly   fit   in   to   make   it   one   B&G   team   united.   Our   RGM,   Marlene Watkins,   was   there   helping   get   this   started,   while   she   had   a   flooded   out   home   to   deal   with.   She   helped   the   first   day   before we sent her out to deal with her home after we got it started.                   One   of   our   shift   leaders,   Ciera   Tuircuit   really   stepped   in   also.   She   worked   open   to   close   for   several   days,   even   though she had to go home to a cold shower and no electricity for days.                   Since   I   was   a   child,   I   have   always   been   told   it   was   better   to   give   than   receive   and   this   statement   was   perfect.   Everyone that   participated   in   handing   out   these   meals   in   the   neighborhoods   felt   honored   to   be   a   part   of   this   project.   It   was   a   blessing for us to participate.       Again, thanks to KFC Corporate, B&G, and McLane for making it possible.   Tammie Trahan Director of Operations
B & G CHAMPS Helping the Community of Laplace after Hurricane Isaac
Thank you B & G Teams Great Job !!
It is more blessed to give than to receive
ALL         $20.00 BILLS    GO    IN THE DROP BOX
Quality Quality is meeting our customers requirements at all times and striving to exceed them whenever possible Quality
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