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Colonel Taco
Many of you are probably confused by the news reports you have heard about the Patient Affordable Health Care Act.  This is what most folks call Obama-Care. As I have been saying for some time it should be called the Patient Un-affordable Health Care Act.  When it was passed almost 4 years ago without a single Republican vote, the Democrats even admitted they had not read it, they just passed it.  At the time, millions of folks thought that it was fine because they were going to get FREE health care.      Once the powers in charge in Washington realized what it was really going to do, they delayed it 3 years so the horrible effects would not start until after the President was reelected.  Now that he is safely in office for another term, they have delayed it again.  Why delay it again?  The reason is quite simple, the Democrats want to stay in power.  In about 15 months we will have new congressional elections and it is feared by the Democrats that they may well lose the Senate because of Obama-Care.  So they have delayed it until January of 2015 so that it will not take effect until after the November 2014 elections.  Senator Landrieu is asking the folks of Louisiana to keep her in the Senate, yet she was the deciding vote on Obama-Care.  If she would have voted against it, it would have failed. What are the terrible effects of Obama-Care?  Since January of this year an additional 2% of your check has been withheld, all because the government needs more money. Starting in January of 2014 every American has to have insurance.  If you do not buy insurance, you will be fined by the government. The part of Obama-Care that said your employer had to pay for it has been delayed until January of 2015. Why did the President delay forcing the employers to pay for their employees insurance? Millions of employees are going to have their jobs eliminated or their hours cut because their companies cannot afford the cost of the insurance. Employees around America are going to be furious when they find out that they are going to be charged almost 10 % of their salary to pay for Obama-Care. Hard working employees are going to be livid when they realize that Obama-Care is not free and that in addition to  2% already being taken out of their check, another 9 ½ % will mean they are paying 11 ½ % of their check so we can fund Obama-Care. So now you know why Obama-Care is being pushed back until after next year’s elections.  Remember this when someone asks you to vote for Mary Landrieu, it is her fault you are going to have to pay 11 ½ % of your salary for Health Care and additional payroll taxes, all she had to do was vote no…but instead she voted yes for the tax increases.   ( IS THIS REALLY “FREE HEALTH CARE” ?)                                                             Greg Hamer, Sr. “Trust but Verify”
                         Profile of a Champion       B&G’s Profile of a Champion this month is AC Tonya Vital from Lake Charles. Tonya is originally from Breaux Bridge La. After high school she attended both Southern University in Baton Rouge and ULL in Lafayette majoring in Business Administration.                                 While attending college, Tonya began working for Popeye’s Fried Chicken.  She was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager and on the day she turned 21 she was promoted to Restaurant General Manager.  She helped turn around many Popeye’s locations around Lafayette.   In 2006 after 7 years with Popeye’s, Tonya decided to leave that concept and accepted a new challenge with Ryan’s Steak House.   She worked her way up from Associate Manager to Assistant Manager and then Restaurant General Manager. She stayed in casual dining for 3 years and in 2009 she joined the B&G team in Lake Charles.  She became the Ruth St. RGM and in 2010 was named B&G’s Rookie of the Year. The following year she received the Colonel Taco Award for 2011. In 2012 she re-opened the Prein Lake store where she was the market training manager.  One year later she was promoted to Area Coach for the Lake Charles market.       When Tonya’s not doing an awesome job running her market she enjoys shopping for shoes, dinning out with friends and admiring art.      Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with Tonya will tell you that she is thoughtful, professional and passionate about what she does.        Thanks Tonya for all your hard work and dedication, you truly are a Champion !!!
Tonya Vital
21553 Houma- Rosalyn Castle, Carolyn Tolbert  24768 Laplace- Jasreill Henry  2952 Mall Dr. Alexandria – Tren Johnson, Steve  Washington  2619 Natchitoches –Avery Williams, Bryant Williams, Kevin Neck, Myeshia Pye  3532 Pineville – Heather Bolling, Ebony McIntosh, Courtney Pittman, Bradley Dyer, Cecilia Matson, Santana Byrd  26732 Houma – Jaleesa Morgan, Kandis Tillman, Jerome Randall, Albert Stadium, Jessica North  4727 Thibodaux – Carnetta Wilson, Curtis Francis, Jayquan Chenier, Antionette Tyler  26003 Marksville–Faye Buckley, Keltric Carpenter, Tiffany Toal  28509 Picayune–Bryan Adams, Tran Nguyen, William Trombley 16865  Bastrop – Lamorie Looney, Kalynta Campbell  17183 McArthur Alexandria – Dustin McConnell, Carolyn Martin  17489 Bayou Vista – Patricia Thomas, Caneisha Brooks, Asia Piggott, Kirnesha Navy  17611 Boutte – Diavonte Griffin, Tyisha Massey, Zana Strickland, Shade Savage 22772 Broussard –Joseph Perro, Kristi Ray, Cora Martin  2876 Hwy 171  Lake Charles- Kylon Fisher, Caleb Syas  2999 Ruth St.,  Sulphur – Jeremy Swanson, Tyler Hartjen, Jessie Wyatt 3601 Jennings – Alexis Monceaux, Zachery Jacquet, William Richey, Dawn Bailey  3700 Eunice – Colby Favors  16313 Crowley – Shanice Wilson, Brinessa Montgomery, Kelsey Burleigh, Heather Richard  16951 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles – Ezekiel Alexander, Jude Derise, Christopher Crosley, Jason Granville, Jokara Lafleur  16966 Cities Service, Sulphur – Jasmine Morris, Miranda Gobert  18210 Gerstner, Lake Charles – Dedrick Goins, Jacob Clark, Jacoya Morrow, Bethany Trahan, Brittney Withers, Corneta Creary  26656 Chalmette – Archelle Taylor  2875 Gause  Blvd. Slidell II –  Megan Bogan, Raymundo Velazquez, 16664 Bogalusa- Demarius Robinson, Cassandra Bartholomew, Kekorey Gaines, Stephanie Roberts, Gregory Hasberry  24526 Leesville – Elizabeth Schroader, Cameron Telin  23902 Abbeville – Shelly Lapoint, Fabian Nolan  26276 Columbia – Janeava Walker, Kayla Slocum, Micheal Jefferson  24294 Wiggins – Alyssa Beech, Monica Roberts, Nathaniel Cripps  26637 Breaux Bridge – Jonathan Williams, Hanna Douglas, Leroy Batiste, Rayven Rojas, Kody Talley  26916  Baton Rouge – Chad Eddards, Enshantra Jarvis, Malquincia Bynum, Ashley Green  26773 Chef  Menteur  N.O.- Monique Cook, Victoria Harris, Charmaine Ware  26772 Spanish Trail, Slidell-Tranika Johnson, Ashley Watson 27675 Moss Bluff – Keith Lindon, Christina Shinall, Justin Trahan, Daniel Garcia, Crystal Stewart  27665 Claiborne – Jermaine Wilson, James Jackson, Joshua Jackson, Andrea Gilmore, Erica Allen   20070   Fuqua Houston – Maria Cano, Gloria Velazquez  2434 Scarsdale Houston  -Miliaza Martinez, Maria Melendez, Paula Ringley  27674 Angleton – Antonio Lopez  2870 Dickinson – Sergio Garcia, Laura Olvera, Maria Gutierrez  2886 Galveston – Janaye Rivers  3658  Baybrook Mall   Friendswood – Asha Patel, Xon Gaspar  15585 Parkwood , Friendswood Jessica Silvia Perez, Brenda Castro  19740 League City – Edwin Cruz  25722 Baytown-Hector Elizondo, Emilio Guerra, Staphne Hall  27539 Pearland – Mariangel Romero  27109 Webster –Fanny Ferruhilo, Soheillaf Noormahammadi  27787 Sheldon Road – Brenda Aranda, Olga Walker, Sentennious Walter, Michael Bush  27788 Spring – Andrew Manuel, Courtney Goree, Joanna Maldonado, Daniel Rodriguez  27789 Humble – Peter Valle  27790 Uvalde Houston – Idiohildes Morrero  27791 FM Rd  Houston – MD Hossain, Vanessa Dorsey, Earnestine Harris, Christopher Menera  27792 Westheimer – Abdallah Mohsen, Jocelyn Zapata  27793 Sugarland – Samuel Anwaegbu, Daniel Soto  27794 Wayside Houston – Indira Valladares, Angela Bonilla  27795 Spencer Pasadena – Andrew Salcido, Taylor Kuhnel, Christopher Loftin, Brittany Gonzales, Felix Martinez  27796 Southmore Pasadena – Maria Lopez, Valerie Castro, Alexander Fernandez, Eric Betancourt  27797 West Rd. Houston – Monica Benavides, Erika Estrada, Marlen Luna  27798 Panther Creek Woodlands – Mirza Estrada, Dinora Perez  27799 College Park, Woodlands – Jacob Calvillo, Nelida Lopez, Quincy Ogutu  27800 Market Place Katy – Jennifer Davis, Rui Margalho  27801 Wallisville  Houston – Jesus Andreda, Daniel Barranza, Jasmeen Cavazos, Leona Cerda, Zelene Flores, Ines Rodriguez, Desiree Sosa,Ferrari Glenn,  John Martel, Maria Fernandez, Lisa Mackey, Errinic Gardner  27802 FM Rd Houston – Freddrick Foster, Brandon Martinez, Mirian Calixto, Oscar Williams, Bradley Williams  27803 Same Houston Humble – Mindy Mendez, Thomas Travon, Gerson Vilchis, Priscilla Guerra, Elexia Benavides, Ana Reyes, Jesse Boetteger, Lyntricia Foreman, Maria Rivera, Fabiola Hernandez, Gabriel Escobedo  27805 Spring Cypress Spring – Joey Ramirez  27806 Fry Rd Katy – Jessamine Jackson, Maria Cuevas, Christina Scott  27807 Taylor Houston – Carlos Andrade, Jesus Gomez, Jennifer Rios, Anchesdenick Scott, Vianey Leyva  27808 FM Rd Houston-Erendira Rodriguez, Frances Munoz, Elizabeth Beunrostro, Alexis Garcia, Theresa Monteleone, Claudia Gomez, Maria Martinez 27809 Six Pines Woodlands-Miguel Moncada, Irene Reyes  28399 University of Houston – Rebecca Mercado, Lucio Miranda  29352 Attascocita – Karina Castillo, Jessica Rivas 2079 New Iberia – Joellyn Lewis, Ledaryeantae Thibodeaux, Desmond Gims, Lakeisha Reed, Keralyn Derouen 937024 Leesville – Connie Blais, Darion Perkins 937004 Laplace Michelle Joseph, Arlisha Jackson  24689 Houma – Mariah Brown, Penny Bergeron  937006  Lafayette – Shayla Sam, Daniel St.Julien, Isaish Lewis  937020 Morgan City – Dontreneque Johnson, Patricia Henry, Michael Cardwell, Tamara Chenevert, Titus Jones, Kira Guillory, Kenya Jones   937013 Gonzales – Latricia Dauntain  937014/20511 Gray – Marquitta Livas, Steven Hebert, Destin Jones, Ti’re-Elle Robinson Office -  Elizabeth Hover, Michael Thierry
DRAIN MAINTENANCE  - TIPS TO CONTROL FLYING INSECTS, FRUIT FLIES,  and BREEDING AREAS -Keep any garbage areas free of refuse and spillage -Always use plastic bags and keep garbage containers clean -Clean all food/drink/syrup/ grease/ or flour spills as they occur. -Do not allow grease and refuse build-up under or behind equipment -Keep all drains clean and free-flowing ( floor drains, sink drains, etc.) -Clean drains weekly using detergent and sanitizing solutions. -Do not prop open doors during deliveries. These controls will also keep drains from overflow causing extra clean-ups. Thanks,   Tommy Gegenheimer   Dir. Of  Facilities and  Maintenance
There were presentations on procedures for cash, proper receipting and documentation, proper cashier check-outs, MEDCOR, general liability, safety and security.    Our AC’s Carolina and Floretin teamed up for this Shift rally.       Looking forward to the next rally with Alma, Jennifer and Antonio’s Shift Leaders.
Shift Leaders Take Action in Texas The Rally is ON !!!
Congratulations, Tiffany Ross ARGM of Taco Bell # 26916 Baton Rouge, La. on the birth of her son, Nicholas Devon Rosser born August 5 th .  Making a big entrance at 4 pounds 8 ounces and 18 ¾ inches.
Birth Announcement
Are you contributing to the B & G Charity Foundation? Talk to your AC  today about your donation to the   B & G Foundation Every little bit helps someone less fortunate.
“Here is a simple but powerful rule….always give people more than they expect to get” “If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will”
        RGM in training, Christie Long, was closing Pineville Taco Bell with her AC, Eric Ross, when they had a softball team stop by after their game in Alexandria.  Eric saw the girls walking away from the door going back to the bus.  He went and spoke with the coach who said their game had run late and that they had been to several restaurants in Pineville and no one would allow them in to order.  He told her that if they did not mind waiting on the food because they did not have a lot of staff in the store he would allow them in to order and eat. She was more than happy with that and he allowed all of them in. Eric knows the policy states that no one should be allowed in the lobby after close, but Eric chose to make a decision to take care of their customers.   AWESOME ERIC !!         Christie and her Team rose to the occasion and satisfied their customers.  GREAT JOB TEAM PINEVILLE !!!
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