Meet Our B&G Family

Our Employees truly are our Family.

Davis Mendoza

Human Resources Director

I started to work for Taco Bell Corp. in 1984 as a Manager Trainee, became a District Training Manager soon after being promoted to Restaurant Manager.

In 1996 B&G Purchased restaurants in Houston, I came on board as a General Manager and then became the District Support Manager.

I left briefly to work with another Taco Bell Franchise but returned right after Katrina 2006, I assisted and worked to staff the restaurants in the Lake Charles area as an Area Support Manager.

I worked as an Area Coach till I was promoted to Brand Trainer and help establish training procedures through the implementation of the online training process.

In 2016 I became the Director of Human Resources, since then I have met many challenges and am very excited in this career opportunity.

Family: I have two Sons

Hobbies: watch football, grilling and someday get a mustang.